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Divide and Snack Bin

    • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: It's so easy for a fridge to get cluttered and messy! Create more shelf space by stacking and organizing. The bin is also user friendly with an easy-to-use handle.
    • PERFECT FOR CONDIMENTS: The bin is the perfect size to divide and organize condiments and more.
    • VARIED USES: The divide and stack bin style isn't just for the fridge! They are useful for cabinets, pantry or spice organization, laundry supplies, craft supplies and more. You can find a use for the bins anywhere in the house.
    • TIME-SAVING DESIGN: The bin's transparent design makes things easy to find and cuts down on the time needed to find anything from condiments to craft supplies.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: The bin's design is BPA free, durable and easy to clean.
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