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Cup Organizer Black

    • SAVE SPACE: Save valuable counter space when you use the Kitchen Spaces Cup Organizer. This organizer holds six cups for drying and its compact design takes up less space than leaving cups to dry on the counter alone.
    • DRY YOUR CUPS QUICKLY: Unlike a towel or drying pad, the Kitchen Spaces Cup Organizer allows air to circulate freely under the cups, cutting dry time in half!
    • GREAT FOR BABY BOTTLES: The slim design of the drying pegs will fit most baby bottles and allow them to dry quickly.
    • PERFECT FOR COFFEE MUGS: Use in your cabinets to save space and hang your coffee mugs off the pegs so that they don't collect dust on the inside. They will be ready to use whenever you need them!
    • HIGH QUALITY: Our thoughtful design includes rust-proof coated durable metal and anti-slip feet.
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