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Corner Organizer

    • PERFECT FOR CORNERS: The wedged design fits neatly into corner spaces. Ideal for spices, baby food jars, perfumes, figurines, and more!
    • MAXIMIZES YOUR SPACE: Use every inch of your counter or pantry space with the Kitchen Spaces 3-Tier Corner Organizer. The 3-tier design triples your storage space while maintaining a small footprint. Stadium-style tiers make it easy to see all your items at once.
    • MULTIPURPOSE: The Kitchen Spaces 3-Tier Corner Organizer is perfect for storing and organizing in any room of the house! Use it in the kitchen to organize canned goods and pantry items! Use it to organize nail polish, perfumes, lipsticks, lotions, and other cosmetics. Use it in your craft room to organize glitter and paint or office supplies!
    • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made from sturdy and durable BPA-free plastic, the Kitchen Spaces 3-Tier Corner Organizer features a non-slip surface and non-skid feet so your items always stay in place.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe with a damp cloth and let dry.
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