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Cookware Protector Set

    • PREMIUM PROTECTION: Increase the longevity of your pots and pans by using Kitchen Spaces Cookware Protectors. Prevent chipping, scratches, and other wear and tear due to storage or travel. Great to use when packing your dishware for moving too!
    • KEEP POTS FROM STICKING: Prevent pots and glassware from becoming stuck together by placing the Kitchen Spaces Cookware Protectors between each dish. This prevents an air vacuum from forming so you'll never have to tug and pull your cookware apart again!
    • EASY TO USE: Simply place the flexible protector between each pot and pan to create a protective layer and diminish the chance your pots and glassware will be damaged.
    • MULTIPLE SIZES: The pack contains three different size protectors. It is perfect for small, medium, and large pots and pans.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Hand wash with warm soapy water and lay flat to dry.
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