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Collapsible Egg Tray

    • COLLAPSIBLE: Save space in your fridge with the Kitchen Spaces Eggstra Space Egg holder. It can hold from 2 - 12 eggs. Just collapse the holder as you use the eggs so you only use as much space as you need! The simple design allows the storage tray to next within itself.
    • CONVIENENT: Unlike the Styrofoam or cardboard egg cartons you get from the grocery store, the Kitchen Spaces Eggstra Space Egg holder allows you to see exactly how many eggs you have in your refrigerator in just one glance. Once eggs have been used, collapse the holder for extra space on your shelves!
    • DURABLE: Made from long-lasting PVC, this egg holder will last you years to come.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: Just hand wash with warm soapy water.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The collapsible design of the Kitchen Spaces Eggstra Space Egg Holder's unique design is unlike other egg holders in the market!
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